Wellness Coaching for Beginners

Discover your individual path to wellness and learn how to make it a sustainable part of your life

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Our Kind of Heroes

We work with various types of clients,  so choose the category that best describes your current needs and goals on your wellness journey

The Complete Novice

I’m new to the concept of wellness and looking for guidance and support as I start to explore healthy habits and behaviors

Beginner Triathletes

I have strong focus on physical fitness, and dedicated to training and competing in triathlons, and need help to improve my performance

Recreational Swimmers

I am a swimmer who enjoys swimming for fitness and fun and may swim for leisure or in organized programs, such as US Masters Swimming

Have Health Limitations

I have a chronic condition, such as arthritis, and have specific health concerns that must be taken into account in my wellness program

Core Concepts

Fundamental principles that form the foundation of our coaching programs


Master The Fundamentals

Mastering the fundamentals means having a strong foundation in basic principles and skills for success in your wellness program


Slow & Controlled Approach

Taking a slow and controlled approach in a wellness program helps clients set realistic goals, plan, and make lasting changes


Make It

Your personal wellness journey belongs to you, don’t compare it to others. You are unique, and your program should be too



Consistency, especially for beginners, helps build healthy habits and keep you motivated in your wellness program


Quality vs

Wellness is about quality, not quantity or speed. Focus on good nutrition, correct technique, posture, and a healthy mindset


Must Be

Choose activities and strategies that fit your needs, goals, and lifestyle for a program you can continue and manage on your own and at home

An Integrative Approach

An integrative health approach seeks to optimize overall health and well-being by considering all aspects of an individual’s health


We help you adopt a growth mindset by encouraging a positive attitude, setting achievable goals, and providing supportive feedback.


Eat a varied, nutrient-dense diet and understand the role of different nutrients. Develop healthy meal planning habits and set nutrition goals for improved health


Good sleep is essential for physical and mental health. It aids in cell repair, and immune function, improves mood, memory, and overall well-being


Good posture helps keep the spine and muscles strong, and supports overall strength, flexibility, and balance.  Bad posture can be improved over time


Exercise is important for overall health and can be divided into four categories: strength, core, cardio,
and flexibility


We offer both virtual and in-person training for our clients in the pool and gym, allowing them to choose the most convenient and effective option for their needs and goals.


Pool training can be conducted in a variety of locations, including home pools, community pools, fitness center pools, and hotel pools


Locations for gym training include gyms, home gyms, outdoor spaces, online workouts, and in-home workouts with equipment

Membership Levels

Our flexible membership and training plans give you one-on-one access to your personal wellness coach and  access to all self-paced learning content.


$55.00 Per Session

$220.00 per month

(4) 30-Minute Sessions
Access to premium content

1:1 Training Program
Good for those who need basic accountability/support with their fitness and nutrition programs.


$43.00 Per Session

$344.00 per month

(8) 30-Minute Sessions
Access to premium content

1:1 Training Program
Best program for beginners. Program provides a combination of skill development and practice time.


$36.00 Per Session

$429.00 per month

(12) 30-Minute Sessions
Access to premium content

1:1 Training Program
Provides extra coaching time to discuss any specific needs or issues and adjustments to training plan.

*All training programs (Starter, Growth, Master)  renew monthly until cancelled.

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