Manning Stinson

NASM Certified Personal Trainer | Triathlete & Recreational Swim Coach

I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness. Early in life, I aspired to go to medical school and be a sports medicine doctor. At the time, overwhelmed by life’s conditions, I ended up settling into the world of technology and spent 20 years as a web designer, graphic designer, and e-learning developer. I’d be catapulted to the darkest season of my life in 2014. My best friend died instantaneously from a massive heart attack. A couple months later, I was laid off from a high-paid contract position.

Mentally and physically, my world swirled down into a vast, bleak, never-ending abyss. I was profoundly devastated by the death of my friend and mentor, though at the same time seeking to decide the next steps in my career.

In late 2015,  I went to work for a local gym as a swim instructor.  I had grown up a competitive swimmer, but had not trained or taught since my summer league years.  It would be a seemingly small, perhaps insignificant moment for me. However, it would initiate the change in trajectory to a full-time fitness professional and personal trainer.In the mastering of their technique and stroke ability and results, my clients started to see acceleration. I realized that for adults , especially beginners, progressive swim programming was not so readily accessible.

In 2018, I added dry land training by becoming a certified personal trainer with NASM.  Dry land (gym) training created a complementary approach to work in the pool.  An educator at heart, I seek to create an optimal learning environment by listening, observing and engaging with the individuals I am working with.

I do this because I love it.

My training methodology is simple.  Build the body and mind so it is optimally available for daily functioning.  To do so, in addition to strength and cardio training, I incorporate varying therapeutic modalities including whole food nutrition, stretching and flexibility, mindfulness, gymnastic exercises, and bodywork.

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